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Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD

Investigative Interviewing Specialists

Quality Assurance Statement

Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD is committed to delivering a professional training experience that meets the requirements of its customers. We have a reputation for quality as a result of employing highly experienced and specialised trainers who are able to utilise their academic and practical skills from the workplace. This ensures we provide relevant, up to date training and consultancy. Our Investigative Interviewers are all College of Policing Level 2 Specialists with a vast amount of experience in major crime investigations, sex offender interviewing, child protection and vulnerable witness interviewing.

Our Child Protection & Safeguarding Training and Investigative Interviewing courses are regularly reviewed by our Education and Quality Assurance Consultant.

The fundamental principles of Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD are driven by the need to achieve customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding customer requirements by the application of a quality system that includes continuous improvements of our products and services.

Vaughan Training & Consultancy LTD will ensure that all their employees are aware of the QAS and acknowledge their responsibility to comply with the statement and to strive to promote the reputation of our business.

The QAS will be reviewed at least once a year to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.